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Here it is Friday

Well I finished the little sweater, well... sort of. I ran out of yarn, thought I had enough, DH is going to try and get me some more.  Here is the Link for the pattern Baby Sweater No photo yet.. Will post as soon as I get it. This one is a simple drop sleeve made with Caron yarn.
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Its a Monday afternoon

I am a terrible blogger, I have about 3 and I forget to post to them, I will try to do better. This is going to be my main Blog (unless I can find my original)

Anyway, I am working on a baby sweater with graphed sleeves, and a double neck band. It is still on my machine. As you can almost see.  More to come, yes the pattern will be available to you.

Pullover for 10 lb Baby

 I thought I would share my next project.  I am creating a pullover sweater with raglan sleeves.
I plan on putting simple cables down the front and back. You can find the pattern here:

Below is a photo of the completed sweater

May 31, 2017

My apologies I am obviously real bad at blogging, I will work on that.  My new project is a baby sweater done in the boat collar style, pattern can be found here:   Baby Boat Sweater I will shoot for posting once a week, then work on daily.   I will post a photo when the sweater is complete.

I am back with a baby sweater I call Baby Lace

It has been a while since I posted, I hope to change t at. I am not wordy as you all know. I will try.  I do not have any photos as of yet, just finished the video of the back. I will work on the front, tomorrow I hope.   This is the pattern (so far) I plan on doing a crochet . collar.

This is the written pattern :

And this is the spread sheet version:

You will also find it to the right of this page.