Friday, October 28, 2011

Work in Progress

I am putting the final touches on Vol 4 Come Knit with me -- Mittens, it will be 25.00 this includes shipping
you will be creating various options for mitten on the Bond. here are some of the mittens. The introduction is the only part that has music. I do not play with music.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October WIP

I am currently designing knitted shoes the ones pictured are done on a standard machine, I want to convert them for the Bond. the pattern will be available as soon as I perfect it.

I am finished with Vol 4 of Come Knit with me.  Vol 4 is creating mittens on the bond. the dvd's are 25.00 this includes shipping and handling.

So Now I have:

Vol 1 a keyhole sweater with cap sleeves
Vol 2 a classic sweater with cap sleeves
Vol 3 a raglan sweater with short sleeves
Vol 4 Build your own mitten
Vol 5 in the works : dishcloths on the Bond.

The Worst

I think I am the worst blogger. I will work on that. I am currently working on a tissue box cover. I got tired of fishing out the tissues wh...