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Knitting Calculator - Calculate Yarn Requirements for a Variety of Projects at Jimmy Beans Wool

I thought I would share this.

Cheat Sheet

I wanted to share my Knitting Cheat Sheet with you, or at least  how you can create your own. I use a spread sheet to start, then
Col A I label rows
Col b  I label stitches
Col c I label comments

In col. a i list all the rows (or just the ones that I have to do something other than knit
col B I list what I have to do i.e. inc 1 or dec 1, or ssk (what ever the pattern calls for)
col C I list things like for left side or additional comments like change yarn, should have 23 rows etc. I will upload a blank for you.

You can find it here: Or to the right of this page under patterns.

Square on square up date

I have started uploading a video on the Square on Square. I am using Bernat Baby yarn in light blue with keyplate 2. (I did not want a tight knit). I will take a close up so you can see what I am talking about.  This is not working out as I planned, I still like it but it is more rectangles than squares. If you want squares you would need twice as many rows as you have stitches. Also I think when I do this again, I will put the boarder on after then it will all be going in the same direction. I like the stitch I'm using. I will post a photo of it when I get closer to being done.

I have finished the square on square.

the boarder I used makes it a bit mis shaped.

adjustments I would make:
1. not do the boarder as I do the afghan, I would attach it after
2. use 90 stitches and knit 180 rows for each block.
3. then add the boarder, cast on 12 stitches, using seam as you go add the afghan.

4. I would either square off the corners or miter them.

I am adjusting the pattern to match my find…

Square on square

I am working an a baby blanket (I had to set aside my circular blanket (I need more yarn), I will get back to it shortly
This is the rough draft of what I expect it to look like.:

It consists of four squares, square 1 is knitted with bordered along 2 sides, casting off ending where block 1 and 2 meet, rehanging the sides of block 1 to create block 2, maintaining the boarder along the side and top, repeat until 3 are complete, as I knit the rows in block 4 I will be rehanging the live stitches from block 1, (block 1 is opened cast on)   Pattern  If the above link does not work, shoot me an email. (I am trying something new.  Keep in mind this is still a work in progress.

Barbie Party Dress

I postponed my cicular heaven, I am now doing 12 inch doll cloths, I am going to make a treasure box for my grand children. Two of who I do not get to see, but I love them all the same.

In this treasure box I am going to place all kinds of things that I will be making for them. such as doll cloths, toy animals and anything else I can think of.

I am open to suggestions.  I am thinking of small things, (I do not have much room)
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Simple Baby Sweater with hood

Flat (Bottom-Up) Hip length Straight Cardigan with Moss St Band and Moss Stitch front bands Raglan shoulder with Full length Lantern/Straight sleeves with Moss St Band Flat front neck and Flat back neck with Shaped Hood
Printed: 10/25/2010 Pattern File Name: X Size: Standard Baby 10 lbs. for *
Date started: 10/25/2010Finished: *
YARN DESCRIPTION: Red Heart; Off White; 100% Acryrlic; MachineWash dry gentle
GAUGE DATA: Gauge (Stocking Stitch over 4 in = 10 cm): 16.0 sts by 24.6 rows. Body knit by Bond/ISM/USM using KP2.5 Ribbing knit by Bond/ISM/USM using KP2
FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (ins): ... with Comfortable fit. Chest:22.0Armhole:9.5Top Neck Opening:4.8 Front Neck Width:0.0 Sleeve Top:7.5Front Neck Depth:0.0 Hem Width:22.0Sleeve Bottom:7.5

Baby Sweater

This is a sweater I did for Youtube  >

Flat (Bottom-Up) Ankle length Straight Cardigan with No Hem and Moss Stitch front bands Raglan shoulder with Full length Moderate Taper sleeves with Moss St Band Round (crew) front neck and Flat back neck with Shaped Hood
             Printed: 1/22/2010 Pattern File Name: Snuggle Bug Size: Standard Baby 10 lbs. for New Born
Date started: 1/22/2010           YARN DESCRIPTION: Acrylic yarn, red heart
GAUGE DATA:    Gauge (Stocking Stitch over 4 in = 10 cm): 16.0 sts by 24.0 rows.       Body knit by Ultimate Sweater Machine using TD3       Ribbing knit by Ultimate Sweater Machine using TD3
FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (ins): ... with Moderate fit. Chest:             20.8           Armhole:           8.3 Top Neck Opening:  4.4 Front Neck Width: 2.2 Sleeve Top:        6.3 Front Neck Depth:  1.8 Sleeve Bottom:     5.1

Circular Afghan

I have started a circular blanket on the bond, it is out of a green and a soft yellow.  It is going to resemble a wagon wheel.  It is done with keyplate 2.5.