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My current Project

I am designing a sweater for my self out of some lovely colors my sister sent me. the yarn is Vanna's Choice, I love that yarn, it is economical and soft.

Cast On Comb

I have been working on a cast on comb, I think i have become a cast on comb aholic. I have them in various sizes from 5 pins up to and including 78 pins. My method of storing them, I have a basket that I have placed sheets of cardboard that are about 8 x 12 inches, i hook the hooks onto the 8 inch side of the card board, each comb gets its own board, except for the short ones, they share the space with other short one. It works surprisingly well. I have not solved the longs ones yet, but my mind is working on. it. Each cast on comb eventually will get its own rag hem. I am planning on posting a how-to video on creating the cast on comb that i use

Baby Cocoon

I am working on baby Cocoon. The pattern will be posted in Carolina MK Newsletter, sometime next month, I will post it here after. It is a lovely little bag to keep the new little one warm and comfortable. (wish I had one when my oldest was little). More later.

Baby Cocoon Size: Standard Baby 10 lbs. Date started: 1/1/2011          
YARN DESCRIPTION: Vanna’s Choice; Acrylic; Machine Washable
GAUGE DATA:    Gauge (Stocking Stitch over 4 in = 10 cm): 11.4 sts by 23.7 rows.      Body knit by Bond/USM using KP3.5      Ribbing knit by Bond/USM using KP3.5
FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (ins): ... with Comfortable fit. Chest:  22.0 Hem Width:   6.8 Body Length:  22.5        Hem Length:   0.7         Sizes; Need 8” wide and 16” Cir and 18” long Worsted weight yarn 4 ply Keyplate Total Cast On Rows