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For those in the NC Fayetteville Area

I thought that I would share this with you.

Children’s Consignment Sale!
Fayetteville’s Premier Consignment Sale Event!
Hugs & Kisses Fall/WinterSALE
August 17-19, 2011
@ the CrownEXPOCenter Want to consign?Want to shop?Want to do both?
Visit our website for Sale Times & ALL THE DETAILS!
and see how you can earn up to 75% of what you sell.

WIP for july

This month I am working on a DVD on creating a sweater using the Ultimate Sweater Machine. It is a keyhole sleeveless sweater top. I will be including the pattern, In the 3 sizes of your choice range from newborn up to woman 56  I will post a photo of the sweater when it is completed. If you are interested, email me the cost will be $25.00 shipping included

Some of my finished items

I thought I would share some of my finished items with you.

I just signed up for a new WebRing.

Come check me out.

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