Thursday, May 13, 2010

WIP - May

My current work in progress (WIP) is an Afghan, I had previously crochet 63 squares, but I did not want to sew them together, So I decide to knit them together. How you ask, I cast on about 30 stitches. I used the seam as you go method and joined two squares together (one on each side) when that was done I cast off and removed, I then cast on 30 stitches and jointed the two I just completed to a third, so now I had a strip of 3 crocheted squares joined with knitted squares. I continued until I had the length I liked. I then made another strip using the same method. When that strip was the same length and I cast off, I then cast on 30 stitches again this time instead of joining squares I joined the strips together. I did this make a strip join to previous strip, until I had the size afghan I wanted.

Now I cast on 1 stitches knitted 1 row, add 1 stitch, knit 1 row, add 1 stitch, knit 1 row, do this until you have 7 stitches, end up on the side opposite of where you are hanging the afghan (always add on the side that you are going to add the afghan to ) ( I decided not to reform the stitches in the corner. and I am doing a seam as you go for the board attaching the afghan to the board. I knit 1 row reform the stitches for k1 p1 (the seed stitch) Hand a stitch (from the afghan) knit a row, reform p1 k1 (you want to make sure the stitches you purled you want to knit them.) I will post another photo when it is done. (here it is in progress) I did a series of short rowing for the corner.

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