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WIP - May

My current work in progress (WIP) is an Afghan, I had previously crochet 63 squares, but I did not want to sew them together, So I decide to knit them together. How you ask, I cast on about 30 stitches. I used the seam as you go method and joined two squares together (one on each side) when that was done I cast off and removed, I then cast on 30 stitches and jointed the two I just completed to a third, so now I had a strip of 3 crocheted squares joined with knitted squares. I continued until I had the length I liked. I then made another strip using the same method. When that strip was the same length and I cast off, I then cast on 30 stitches again this time instead of joining squares I joined the strips together. I did this make a strip join to previous strip, until I had the size afghan I wanted.

Now I cast on 1 stitches knitted 1 row, add 1 stitch, knit 1 row, add 1 stitch, knit 1 row, do this until you have 7 stitches, end up on the side opposite of where you are hanging the afghan (always add on the side that you are going to add the afghan to ) ( I decided not to reform the stitches in the corner. and I am doing a seam as you go for the board attaching the afghan to the board. I knit 1 row reform the stitches for k1 p1 (the seed stitch) Hand a stitch (from the afghan) knit a row, reform p1 k1 (you want to make sure the stitches you purled you want to knit them.) I will post another photo when it is done. (here it is in progress) I did a series of short rowing for the corner.


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Wip for August

H, It has been a while, I have not done a lot with my machine, but I have made a tablet satchel. The instructions:
bring foward 33 stitches (FWP) put EON into NWP
cast on (EON)with a chain between each needle, (or crochet a chain of 33, and hang EON
RC 000 Knit 10 rows,
RC 010  K2tog, YO across
Place needles that were in NWP into WP
RC 046  to RC 67 follow pattern
RC 68 to 122 run life line
RC 123 to133 Knit
RC 000
RC 001 k1, *yo, k2tog repeat from * across
RC 002-010 knit, graph to row 102

create an I-cord the length of the piece of work, plus what you want for a handle

Fold the material in half vertical (placing the pattern 1/2 in the front and 1/2 in the back)
Attaching I cord to satchel
using the overcast stitch, catch the edge seam of front and back, then into 1 or 2 stitches of the I cord then back into the next stitch in the overcast fashion,  (needle will be making a circle motion)  I will post a photo soon.

I am back with a baby sweater I call Baby Lace

It has been a while since I posted, I hope to change t at. I am not wordy as you all know. I will try.  I do not have any photos as of yet, just finished the video of the back. I will work on the front, tomorrow I hope.   This is the pattern (so far) I plan on doing a crochet . collar.

This is the written pattern :

And this is the spread sheet version:

You will also find it to the right of this page.