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I am currently working on a circular baby blanket, although I am not using my bond, (I am using a brother 585) it can be done on the bond.


Baby size Circle Afghan with a None Border
constructed Sideways in 16 wedges

             Printed: 2/26/2011
Pattern File Name: Circular Warmth
Date started: 2/26/2011           Finished: *


   Gauge (Stocking Stitch over 4 in = 10 cm): 20.0 sts by 26.0 rows.
      Body knit by Bond/ISM/USM using KP4
      Ribbing knit by Bond/ISM/USM using KP3.5

    Main Panel  38.0                     38.0
         Total  38.0                     38.0

Note:  Read ALL these instructions thoroughly BEFORE starting to knit.  The pattern may call for more needles than you have on your machine. 

NOTE:  At most, 96 needles are required to knit this garment. 

1.  Sideways Circular Shawls are worked using short row shaping.  Use claw weights to maintain tension on the shaped section.  The instructions below are fairly brief and are of the form:  [short row n1 sts every other row x1 times].  This means: 
1A.  With COL place RH ndls into HP. 
1B. *Next row: return n1 needles to FWP (latches open), work 1 row, wrap the next ndl, work 1 row, returning to COL. 
1C. Repeat from * x1 times. 

1.  Cast on 96 sts in WY, using KP4 and open edge method.  Work 6 rows WY.  COR.  Change to MY.  Reset RC000.  Start work in Stocking Stitch. 
2.  First wedge.  Work 1 row even across all sts.  Put all ndls into HP.  Short row 4 sts every other row 21 times, then 3 sts every other row 3 times.  Total 49 rows.  Bring rem ndls to FWP (latches open).  Work 1 row even across all sts (optionally slip centre st to keep centre hole small). 
3.  Repeat first wedge 15 more times.  (Each wedge is 50 rows, total for all wedges is 800 rows). 
4.  Change to WY.  Work 6 rows.  Remove sts from machine. 

5. I converted the long edge to 1x1 rib.
1.  Graft the blanket together along the inside seam. 
2.  Darn/weave/sew in all loose ends.
3.  BLOCK.  Really, it makes all the difference.

---  WARNING.  THIS IS A ROUGH ESTIMATE ONLY.  Measure a sample piece for a more accurate calculation. 
   Amount needed: 
                   13.3 for main afghan panel
                   0.0 for borders
             13.3  Ounces TOTAL


Pattern designed by: DEMO DEFAULTS
with KNITWARE DESIGN  (Demonstration Version 2.50.2) from Morningdew Consulting Services Ltd
    ph: (250)652-4097  fax: (250)652-5285  web:  email:

 I will post a photo when it is done.


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