Monday, February 27, 2012

February 2012

Sorry about missing January. what I have been working on  is completing the DVD I have so now I have 8 volumes. I will up date my list shortly.

One of the DVD I did was re-purposing a sweater. Back in 2006 when I started with the Ultimate Sweater Machine. I made a pullover. I loved the color (a real pretty green) but when I got it done. The sleeves were too long and the collar was too wide, so I did not wear it too often.

I decided back in January to re-purpose it. So I took the sweater apart (I used Redheart Yarn) and re-knitted it doing it as a cardigan. I have worn the sweater more often in the past 3 weeks than I ever did since 2006.  This is what it did look like, I will post a photo as soon as I locate it.  Now it is a cardigan with a darker green trim and a shirt type collar.

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