Friday, September 9, 2011

Vol 2 is Ready

I have a 2 new videos I created "Come knit with me" I show you how to make a simple keyhole sweater with cap sleeves, It is only 25.00 each (that includes shipping) You get to select 3 sizes of your choice, for each DVD you order.
Volume 1 is a keyhole sweater
Volume 2 is pull over with cap sleeves

Volume 3 is a raglan sweater with short sleeves (in process)

If you have seen any of my videos on you tube you will know that I do not edit out my "issues" how are you going to learn if I do not include how to repair them, the only thing I edit out is if I am knitting several rows with no issues.

Email  me if you are interested.

future videos will include a short sleeve pull over, kitchen appliance covers, mittens. All done on the Ultimate Sweater Machine, (will work on any flat bed machine)

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