Thursday, March 24, 2011

Square on square

I am working an a baby blanket (I had to set aside my circular blanket (I need more yarn), I will get back to it shortly
This is the rough draft of what I expect it to look like.:

It consists of four squares, square 1 is knitted with bordered along 2 sides, casting off ending where block 1 and 2 meet, rehanging the sides of block 1 to create block 2, maintaining the boarder along the side and top, repeat until 3 are complete, as I knit the rows in block 4 I will be rehanging the live stitches from block 1, (block 1 is opened cast on)   Pattern  If the above link does not work, shoot me an email. (I am trying something new.  Keep in mind this is still a work in progress.

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